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Making a Difference in the lives of others!


Health, Nutrition, Peer-Pressure, Self-Esteem

The workshop provide counsel and leadership skills, build self-esteem and educate on ways to remain healthy and fit.

All workshops are conducted throughout Atlanta GA and Georgetown SC at various locations and are announce in our event section. 

At the close of each workshop the participants receives a resource guide to reference 

and a certificate to signified completion of workshop.

STEAM Literacy 

STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses:

(Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics).

The children are our future: “Innovators, Educators, Leaders, and Learners” of the 21st century!

STEAM takes STEM to the next level:  

It allows individuals to connect their learning in these critical areas together with arts practices, elements, and design principles. 

Other Services available by request:

  • Team Summit & Youth Empowerment Conferences 
  • Financial Literacy
  • Etiquette Training, 
  • College Readiness and Career Development
  • Education on Healthy Relationships, Anti-Bullying, Non-Violence, Anti-Gangs