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Jared's Financial Literacy Program

Jared's Financial Literacy series for families and youth/young adults.

The program is set to provide workshops to participants through interactive demonstration  and active participation within small group of parents and children. Our goal is for each participant to adopt or modify their financial behavior upon completion of a workshop or completing the Financial Literary Series.

The series is divided into four quarters:

1st Quarter-Financial freedom with better money habits 

2nd Quarter-Spending wisely and saving more.

3rd Quarter-Helping families save money.

4th Quarter-Money Talks (Budgeting and Investing) Early.

Our Financial Literacy Program Director facilitate this program and also work with the youth and young adults through our mentoring program by

Giving Teens a Head Start on Financial Independence: Money Management for Kids, Earning Power, Saving/Investing, Information on how to open a bank account.

Highlights from the Financial Literacy Workshops 2016-2017